Back in New York, Stallone's romantic dilemma proves ill-fated as FBI agents  moves in to thwart the bombing attack. 



The year: 1969.  SYLVESTER STALLONE is Jerry Savage, a student radical turned urban rebel, who must decide between his love for a beautiful young country girl name Laurie (REBECCA GRIMES) and his loyalty to an underground terrorist brigade determined to blow up a Midtown Manhattan skyscraper.

​Tommy Trafler (ANTHONY PAGE) masterminds the Weatherman cell of revolutionaries, which includes kinky bellydancer Estelle Ferguson (VICKIE LANCASTER), Black Panther Ray Brown (DENNIS TATE), and bomb expert Marlena "Black Angel" St. James (BARBARA LEE GOVAN). 

​Stallone avoids the amorous intentions of Estelle, breaks into the targeted building to steal classified war-related documents, and runs off to a secret rendezvous with Laurie at her country hideaway.

​There Stallone tells Laurie he is ready to die for his dream, but she refuses to join his violet mission.

​​​​FBI surveillance chief James Henderson (HENRY G. SANDERS) and his assistant, Chuck Bradley (JED MILLS)​ are tipped off by a most unlikely ​​underground agent and proceed to wiretap the brigade's secret meetings.  In Washington DC, investigative reporter Richard Scott (DAVID ORANGE) threatens to expose Henderson's boss William Decker (ROY WHITE) for having illegal ties with the CIA.

Stallone barely manages to escape the dragnet, running off to his uncertain destiny, alive... but alone.