PAUL HERTEL, Production Executive

Robert Schnitzer is the Founder/CEO of Movicorp Media.  He also helms Elation Media, Inc., a holistic content creator and distributor, as it's Founder/CEO.

Schnitzer came to prominence as an independent filmmaker having written, produced and directed several theatrical motion pictures, including the classic drama Rebel starring Sylvester Stallone and the award-winning psychic thriller The Premonition.

Growing and harvesting films, Sarah Josephs Yapelli represents archetypes and icons with her Black Apple Talent, and recently launched the non-profit Moss Farm focused on regeneration of the Earth through the arts.

Paul Hertel is an actor and producer, focusing on experiential and spiritually-driven content.  A veteran of lifestyle publishing, including Time Inc., Martha Stewart and Conde Nasté, he has developed outreach and communications for corporations, non-profits and philanthropists. 

SARAH JOSEPHS YAPELLI, Production Executive



In addition, Schnitzer has sold and arranged funding for dozens of media ventures.  Schnitzer is a native of New York City and currently resides in Sedona, Arizona and Los Angeles, California

Later this year, Mr. Schnitzer will be stepping aside as CEO to manage a new impact investment fund called Holistic Impact Partners.  He will remain on Movicorp’s board, and will be replaced as CEO by Wil Master (see below)